Bracebridge Heath Methodist Church

Minister: Rev Melanie Greenall A long established church within the growing community of Bracebridge Heath. There’s a warm welcome for all. Sunday Services: 10am Sunday Service Regular Church Activities: Day Activity Time Sunday Morning Worship 10 – 11am Monday Meeting Point 2pm (alt weeks) Tuesday Fellowship Group 7.30pm (2nd + 4th week) Thursday Bible Study 2pm… Read More Bracebridge Heath Methodist Church

Welton & Dunholme Methodist Church

Minister: Rev Dr Helen Hooley Welton & Dunholme Methodist Church is a welcoming, thriving and growing family church at the heart of the village of Welton. Our extensive programme includes children’s and youth clubs, men’s and women’s fellowships, Bible Study, a Prayer Group and many other social, community and church activities. Sunday Service: 10:30am Sunday Worship… Read More Welton & Dunholme Methodist Church

Reepham Methodist Church

Minister: Rev Melanie Greenall A small welcoming friendly community, which has a heart to serve the Lord in the community along with other churches. Reepham has a variety of worship at 10.00am and once a month in the evening. Sunday Service: 10:00am Sunday Worship 6:00pm Evening Service (once a month) Further details: Postcode: LN3 4DP Map: