Connected Update – Nov 30th

Hello again everyone,

Such fun we had last Thursday night! Good company, yummy food and a couple of silly games to connect us with our inner child: Pass the Parcel, with vital items for the Christmas preparations hidden between the layers (sellotape, cranberry sauce & tinsel amongst others!) then the race was on to construct the tallest tower using only dried spaghetti & marshmallows … there was some interesting bending of the rules where suspension was employed to defy gravity … !!

Later, we joined forces to decorate the Christmas tree in church to great effect, with thanks to the ‘Tree Fairy’ who had put it up on the Wednesday, ready to be festooned.

This Thursday we’re back to the start of the monthly cycle with Connected in Worship. Since we’re now officially in Advent, and as this is our Christmas Worship, we’ll be using some of our Christmas worship songs, and looking at the characters in the Nativity story to see how they followed God and prepared for Jesus’ arrival.

As ever, please feel free to pass this email on, and invite anyone who might enjoy The Connected Sessions!


The Connected Team.


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