Connected 12th Oct

Hello everyone,

It was great to see so many of you there last week for Connected in Words – we had enough people to run two tables of discussion! We tackled the Big Question of Suffering, and shared our stories of miracles and healings too. The booklet is for those of you who would like to revisit some of the questions, or for those of you who didn’t get there on the night.

We try to respect each other’s vulnerability in sharing, by making sure we protect identities and seek permission before relaying information to others. Much as it’s exciting to hear and spread the news of the amazing things that God is up to, we must try to ensure we don’t stray into gossip…

This Thursday is Connected in New Songs, looking ahead to next month’s theme of storytelling as a way of building community and faith. Look out for the typewriter poster – and our new publicity postcards, hot off the press today!

As always, please feel free to invite along anyone you think will enjoy what we do.

See you Thursday!


The Connected Team

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