Connected 4th & 11th Jan

Hello everyone,

Another week has flown by – sorry it’s late again, but here’s your weekly email update on all things Connected!

Last week’s worship was another Spirit-filled night; I’ve attached my sermon notes and the Scripture references used for you to reflect upon. The challenge for us all is to ponder how we might continue our discipleship development – it’s a common practice now in the workplace to have regular reviews of our progress, and to engage in ‘continuous professional development’ – how might we as individuals, and as church family, go about this? What would a HOLY HABITAT look like, feel like, act like?

Therefore, could I ask for your prayers for The Connected Sessions? – that God will add to our number, and bring opportunities to develop skills and talents as we grow Connected together.

Come along tomorrow evening as we dig deeper into the scriptures and unpack what God might be saying to us about His church, and our willingness to listen and act on it…

As ever, each session stands on its own, so if you know anyone who is looking for somewhere to explore and nurture their faith, then bring them along!


The Connected Sessions Team.

Connected Worship 04.01.18 Holy Habitats scriptures

Connected Worship 04.01.18 Holy Habitats Sermon Notes

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