Connected Re-cap Feb 1st

Hi everyone,

A fab night’s worship last week! Thank you again to Lesley Shapcott for her impassioned talk on knowing our bible and what it tells us about how to do fellowship well. She sent this information through on the bible texts and book she referred to:

  • 1 Corinthians 13 – chapter on what Christian love looks like
  • John 17:11, 21-23 – Unity
  • Psalm 133 – blessing
  • Acts 2:47 – devotion to teaching & fellowship
  • 2 Kings 22 – story of Josiah: Vs. 8 – FOUND THE BOOK OF THE LAW! (probably Deuteronomy); Priest reads it to Josiah: vs. 11
  • Nehemiah 8 – Ezra the priest reads from the Book of the Law of Moses to the people – daybreak till noon! vs. 8 – so could understand; Vs. 9
  • Hebrews 4:12, 13 – God’s word alive and kicking!

 Peter Phillips; ‘Engaging the Word’ – ISBN 978 0 85746 583 2, published by the Bible Reading Fellowship.

As we look ahead to Lent, and Easter at the end of next month, we’ll be hosting a Maundy Thursday event, led by Rev Alan Swann, on Thursday 29th March; as it’s a 5th Thursday, it will be something different – watch this space! – but will include communion.

***Date for your diary!! – We’ll be joining in with the Thy Kingdom Come prayer wave again this year (see for further info) on Pentecost weekend, by putting on ‘Pray24’ which is Rebecca Bell’s fab prayer project that she began last year. Kicking off at 3pm on Saturday 19th May with a praise worship hour, then lots of different ways into prayer for 24 hours non-stop, culminating in Moorland’s community BBQ & Praise Party at 3pm on Sunday 20th May. If you’d like to get involved, please speak to Sue in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, we meet on Thursday for Connected in Words, to unpack some of the scriptures Lesley brought us, and dig a little deeper into how and why Bible study and fellowship are important factors in growing healthy disciples. I shared this link on our new Facebook group for the Connected Sessions: which has an interesting way to look at the whole subject of studying the bible; rather than study, it suggest that we should meditate, absorb, reflect, and delight in God’s word! Once we get a taste of His life changing life-affirming Word to us, we might actually enjoy the research and digging deeper…? If you’re on Facebook, do ‘like’ Moorland Park Methodist Church, and The Connected Sessions Facebook group as an alternative way to keep in touch between sessions, and maybe start a conversation or two.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Thursday! As ever, please pass on this to anyone who might appreciate it, and maybe bring them along some time.


The Connected Team


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