With apologies for the delay, the booklet from last week’s ‘Connected in Words’ is attached to this email for you to use and/or pass on. We had 2 tables running again, it’s great when this happens as we get double the insights and revelations! It always amazes me how God takes one set of discussion starters and uses them to speak to each of us in unique ways. We looked at the characters in the story of the feeding of the 5000, and wondered how they might have retold the story of what they witnessed; and how retelling our own stories helps us to share what God has done for us.

On to tomorrow, and we turn our minds towards Advent (it starts on November 26th!) and preparing our hearts to celebrate Christ’s coming to earth to dwell among us. Connected in New Songs will thus have a seasonal flavour.

Also, remember we have an extra Thursday this month so we’ll be gathering on the 30th to simply have fun! A party night with party nibbles and a couple of silly challenges (possibly involving spaghetti & marshmallows?) to reconnect us with our inner child! No cost involved, and everyone is welcome.

See you tomorrow?

Love & prayers

The Connected team

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