Marriage & Relationships Consultation – Wed July 17th 2019

Dear All,

At the Methodist Conference this year, the subject of Marriage and Relationships will be raised, and Churches and Circuits will be given the opportunity for a brief consultation period before decisions are made.

In light of this, please make a note of Wednesday 17th July, when our Circuit will be holding 2 consultation meetings, one at 2pm and one at 7pm. Both sessions will be run the same, but give opportunity for as many people as possible to engage in the discussion.

No other details are available at the moment – venues and the format of the meetings are to be confirmed. Also, material should come from Conference to provide information and guide our thinking, so this will be sent out to you as soon as possible, before we meet. So I am sorry to be vague, but the important thing for now is to get the date in your diary, and publicise it in your Church please.

The Report of the Marriage and Relationships Task Group 2019