New Live Stream site

Our new live streaming site is

We’re really excited to launch our new live streaming home from Sunday May 17th.

It’s a place where you can come join in the conversation 15min before and after the service in the chat room.

We offer prayer support where our team are available to respond to your prayer requests.

A full schedule of services and live streams is also available to view, along with preachers notes and online bible access.

We’re really pleased to partner with the Young Spirits team at Monks Road Methodist Church where they will be on every Sunday afternoon at 4pm, something for families to join together and explore.

We’ll still be streaming to the Facebook page and also post service the videos will be available on our YouTube channel.

You can also sign up on the site should you wish and all is GDPR compliant.


Service Copyright FAQs – Do’s & Don’ts

Updated 14th April 2021 (marked with NEW)

We have received a few enquiries regarding showing of films, YouTube clips, certain songs not in the CCLI system.

NEW  – For content of BBC material, permission is required, link to form’tand follow the buttons


  • Bible Society – Permission is granted to download or show videos from either the Bible Society website or its youtube material, the website videos are downloadable.
  • British Sign Language Videos, available to download and use, terms
  • CJM Music – have given permission to stream content from their YoutTube channel CJM Music
  • Christmas Carol Videos, Engage Worship offer some free to use Christmas Carols
  • Elevation Worship have given permision to use our YouTube videos within your church services at your Methodist Churches.  However, if you live stream, post to Social Media at all or post online, you will need a license for that use
  • Hillsong – All Hillsong resource is created with the express purpose of enhancing worship. Therefore, as long as you are not reproducing or broadcasting the resource or charging admission, you can use any Hillsong resource before, during and after your worship service. This includes all CD’s, Split Tracks, DVDs and YouTube clips.
  • IONA Community – A question was raised that these songs are not covered by the CCLI, these are now covered by CCLI, information below, as there are some exceptions, e.g. electronic use:
    I have emailed for such permission of electronic use, e.g. projection,
  • iTunes – Permission is granted to use media downloaded form iTunes from personal accounts in Church, both music and videos.
  • The Great Commission – Permission is granted for Churches and groups to use the videos on the website
  • Moving Works – Moving Works is a non-profit organization that makes short films to tell the world about Jesus. This is why we humbly dedicate ourselves to prayer, partnership with the Body of Christ, and obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading in our ministry.
  • VEVO – Permission is granted to stream media only, they cannot be edited or monitized.
  • We Are Worship – Permission is granted to stream videos for use in services, as long as they are reported under the CCLI licence.  However, permisison is not granted to copy, embed or store them in any way. We Are Worship Video’s
  • Working Preacher – Permission to use videos and all materials, MUST give corresponding credit when used.
  • Worship House Media  – You may use the Content in virtually any kind of corporate setting: church services, conferences, Bible studies, multimedia presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, etc.


  • CCLI – YouTube clips are not allowed to be shown, unless the copyright holders permission is obtained.
  • YouTube – having contacted YouTube directly: the copyright holders permission is required for video clips to be shown.  Videos are not permitted to be downloaded (Section 5L) as per their Terms of Service.
  • Godtube – Godtube clips are also not allowed to be shown. Terms of Service & Specific reference.

Other Items of note.

  • Taize – the organisation has been emailed to ask for obtain permission to use Taize songs/materials for use in Church, Circuit (& Godpod) permission for Taize songs usage has been saught- we are awaiting a repsonse.
    if hosting a Taize Service please refrain from using ‘Taize Themed’ but simply call it a ‘Taize Service’
  • FILMS –  CCLI, Advertising of films being shown, the position is that the name of the film cannot be advertised outside of the Church or on social media or a website, but it can be on handouts. that are a personal invite.  Posters advertising the film can be shown inside Church but must not be visible from the outside. For more info on licencing requirements see
  • Licence Info – Information on the type of licences required –
  • Screenvue –
  • CCLI have issued a fact sheet for YouTube questions, it re-enforces the information stated below. INFO
  • Also you have to report your usage to CCLI as part of the agreement