Service Copyright FAQs – Do’s & Don’ts

Updated 14th April 2021 (marked with NEW)

We have received a few enquiries regarding showing of films, YouTube clips, certain songs not in the CCLI system.

NEW  – For content of BBC material, permission is required, link to form’tand follow the buttons


  • Bible Society – Permission is granted to download or show videos from either the Bible Society website or its youtube material, the website videos are downloadable.
  • British Sign Language Videos, available to download and use, terms
  • CJM Music – have given permission to stream content from their YoutTube channel CJM Music
  • Christmas Carol Videos, Engage Worship offer some free to use Christmas Carols
  • Elevation Worship have given permision to use our YouTube videos within your church services at your Methodist Churches.  However, if you live stream, post to Social Media at all or post online, you will need a license for that use
  • Hillsong – All Hillsong resource is created with the express purpose of enhancing worship. Therefore, as long as you are not reproducing or broadcasting the resource or charging admission, you can use any Hillsong resource before, during and after your worship service. This includes all CD’s, Split Tracks, DVDs and YouTube clips.
  • IONA Community – A question was raised that these songs are not covered by the CCLI, these are now covered by CCLI, information below, as there are some exceptions, e.g. electronic use:
    I have emailed for such permission of electronic use, e.g. projection,
  • iTunes – Permission is granted to use media downloaded form iTunes from personal accounts in Church, both music and videos.
  • The Great Commission – Permission is granted for Churches and groups to use the videos on the website
  • Moving Works – Moving Works is a non-profit organization that makes short films to tell the world about Jesus. This is why we humbly dedicate ourselves to prayer, partnership with the Body of Christ, and obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading in our ministry.
  • VEVO – Permission is granted to stream media only, they cannot be edited or monitized.
  • We Are Worship – Permission is granted to stream videos for use in services, as long as they are reported under the CCLI licence.  However, permisison is not granted to copy, embed or store them in any way. We Are Worship Video’s
  • Working Preacher – Permission to use videos and all materials, MUST give corresponding credit when used.
  • Worship House Media  – You may use the Content in virtually any kind of corporate setting: church services, conferences, Bible studies, multimedia presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, etc.


  • CCLI – YouTube clips are not allowed to be shown, unless the copyright holders permission is obtained.
  • YouTube – having contacted YouTube directly: the copyright holders permission is required for video clips to be shown.  Videos are not permitted to be downloaded (Section 5L) as per their Terms of Service.
  • Godtube – Godtube clips are also not allowed to be shown. Terms of Service & Specific reference.

Other Items of note.

  • Taize – the organisation has been emailed to ask for obtain permission to use Taize songs/materials for use in Church, Circuit (& Godpod) permission for Taize songs usage has been saught- we are awaiting a repsonse.
    if hosting a Taize Service please refrain from using ‘Taize Themed’ but simply call it a ‘Taize Service’
  • FILMS –  CCLI, Advertising of films being shown, the position is that the name of the film cannot be advertised outside of the Church or on social media or a website, but it can be on handouts. that are a personal invite.  Posters advertising the film can be shown inside Church but must not be visible from the outside. For more info on licencing requirements see
  • Licence Info – Information on the type of licences required –
  • Screenvue –
  • CCLI have issued a fact sheet for YouTube questions, it re-enforces the information stated below. INFO
  • Also you have to report your usage to CCLI as part of the agreement

Local Preacher & Worship Leader Training Course – Starts Sept 2019


Rev Margaret Roe has asked me to send out details of an upcoming course for potential worship leaders and local preachers. There will be an introductory session at 7.30pm on  Thursday 12th September at St Giles Methodist Church, then the actual course will take place over 10 sessions, fortnightly from Monday 23rd September during the daytime.

It would be great to see more people around the Circuit develop the gifts of preaching and worship leading, so if you feel God nudging you in this direction please take advantage of this opportunity to at least explore your calling.

Please make this widely known in your own Church – Worship Leader Training Course details


Re-Connect – Bible Study – Weekly on Monday

Re-Connect starts on Monday 11th March at Moorland Park Methodist Church

Refreshments will be available all through the evening, from 7pm, until we bring things to a close at 9pm.

At 7.30pm we will begin the more formal part of the proceedings, with some worship songs, and then spend some time reading, studying and discussing part of the Bible.

We will follow that with a prayer time, and be finished by 9pm.

Then, it’s up to you how long you stay to mingle and chat.

More Info

Poster A4


Lincoln Active Faith Network – Update Sept 2016


We are really excited about what God is doing in Lincoln across the Churches and are looking forward to LAFN being up and running very soon as a Network that we can all benefit from and see the City blessed as a result. Here are some updates:

1) We have been in discussions with CTAL (Churches Together in all Lincolnshire) about LAFN coming under their umbrella as an organisation for the first few years whilst we get established. This means any donations that anybody would like to give to Lincoln Active Faith Network can be made payable to CTAL and will be restricted for the use of the new network.

2) A few members of the LAFN steering group have been busy working on the job description for a part time coordinator for the new network.

3) We have some great ideas for the next 12 months that will give us an opportunity to come together as churches, to pray, to strategise, to work better together and to meet with civic leaders.

So keep an eye out for further information coming your way soon.

We only have 13 spaces left on the Cinnamon Network Volunteer leaders training day on Saturday 24th September. This course is usually £20 per head but they are offering it to us free of charge so don’t miss out.

Finally, as Churches I’m sure we come into contact regularly with people who need a helping hand. Acts 435 is a simple grants scheme of up to £120 per individual that could help anyone in Lincolnshire who is in need.

To book for the training day, or for more information about the grants, please contact Lorna at who is our local administrator.

God Bless

Sian Wade (on behalf of the steering group of the LAFN Steering Group)


Copyright Information




Whilst there are some gaps this does not necessarily mean there aren’t any licenses in operation but merely that the information hasn’t been gathered as yet for the website our administrator is working day and night for this information. 


Church Copyright Licence (CCL) – 152067

Music Reproduction Licence (MRL)

Church Video Licence (CVL)

PPL Church Licence

PRS for Music Licence

Burton Road

Church Copyright Licence (CCL) – 3595

Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) – 1062455

Church Video Licence (CVL) – 791301

PPL Church Licence – 1768948

PRS for Music Licence – 451847

Cherry Willingham

Church Copyright License – 235135

Song Select Basic Licence – 1267690

Copyright Licensing Agency Church License – 879577


Monks Road

Church Copyright Licence – 

PPL Church Licence – 

PRS for Music Church Licence –


Church Copyright Licence (CCL) – 3320

Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) – 3320

Church Video Licence (CVL) – 1106469

PPL Church Licence – 1763785

PRS Church Licence – 1528793


Church Copyright Licence (CCL) – 1509

Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) – 1509

Church Video Licence (CVL) – 961935

Song Select Basic Licence – 1119645

PPL Church Licence – 1708386

PRS for Music Licence – 961911

Copyright Licensing Agency Church Licence – 961928


Church Copyright Licence (CCL) – 637568

Awaiting Fuller Information


Church Copyright Licence (CCL) – 1989071

St Giles

Church Copyright Licence – 

PPL Church Licence – 

PRS for Music Church Licence –

Welton and Dunholme

Church Copyright Licence (CCL) – 325870

Music Reproduction Licence (MRL)

Church Video Licence (CVL)

PPL Church Licence

PRS for Music Licence


Church Copyright Licence (CCL) – 2258945

Church Video Licence (CVL) – 2258969

PPL Church Licence – 2258952

PRS for Music Licence



Local Preachers & Church Service Resources

Please find Documents for the use of Local Preachers and Resources for the leading of church services:


Lincoln North Resources 

Meditations provided by Margaret Roe:

Notes on how to use the files

David’s Wives 1 Abigail David’s wives 2 Michal  
David’s wives 3 Bathsheba  David’s wives 4 Abishag   

Esther 1 Queen Vashti  Esther 2 Esther becomes Queen 
Esther 3 The Plot against the jews  Esther 4 Esther approaches the King  
Esther 5 Esther exposes Haman   Esther 6 The Counter Edict    Esther 7 The 13th Day

Hagar 1 The Surrogate Mother  Hagar 2 Rejection

Leah The Family  Leah The Surprise Bride

Rachel The Jilted Bride   Rachel The Arranged Marriage

Rebekah The Arranged marriage  Rebekah The Deceitful Wife

Ruth 1 The Young Widow  Ruth 2 The Kind Land owner  Ruth 3 Naomi’s Plot   Ruth 4 The Bride

Sarah The long awaited son  Sarah The Unexpected move

Probation Worship Leaders

Report Form (PDF)

Report Form (.doc)



Wider Resources 

Here is a link to the Methodist Churches’ Reader Services (to be read when appropriate, for example, when a Local preacher is absent).

Singing the Faith Plus Resources


Seasonal Resources:

26th October- Bible Sunday Resources by the Bible Society