FREE Piano

FREE Piano РIt is over thirty years old and will need tuning but it is in good condition, made by John Broadwood. Please contact Circuit office and they will pass on details.


Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the Lincoln North Methodist Circuit of the Lincolnshire District. Our Circuit consists of 11 Churches in various contexts, from rural to city. Our churches run from Welton in the north to Monks Road in the south, Saxilby in the west to Reepham in the east covering approximately 43.5Km (27 sq miles)

That tells you something about our geography, but what about us as Christians? What would you find going on typically at a Methodist Church in this Circuit? The answer is all kinds of things happen: youth work, Alpha courses, discipling courses, Freedom in Christ, women’s groups, Bible study, prayer groups, men’s groups, uniformed groups and much more.

The Methodist Church is a serving Church and in this Circuit we try to be involved with and alongside our neighbours; supporting, caring and being a place of hospitality and welcome. Our Circuit is committed to telling the good news of Jesus Christ, placing Christ at the centre of all we do and seeking to encourage people to become followers of Jesus.

This is our circuit vision statement.

United in one purpose, sharing good news, making disciples, changing the atmosphere and building the kingdom. By the word, through the Spirit, for the Lord.

Every blessing,

Revd Alan W Swann
Superintendent Minister