Local Preachers & Church Service Resources:

Please find Documents for the use of Local Preachers and Resources for the leading of church services:


Lincoln North Resources 

Meditations provided by Margaret Roe:

Notes on how to use the files

David’s Wives 1 Abigail David’s wives 2 Michal  
David’s wives 3 Bathsheba  David’s wives 4 Abishag   

Esther 1 Queen Vashti  Esther 2 Esther becomes Queen 
Esther 3 The Plot against the jews  Esther 4 Esther approaches the King  
Esther 5 Esther exposes Haman   Esther 6 The Counter Edict    Esther 7 The 13th Day

Hagar 1 The Surrogate Mother  Hagar 2 Rejection

Leah The Family  Leah The Surprise Bride

Rachel The Jilted Bride   Rachel The Arranged Marriage

Rebekah The Arranged marriage  Rebekah The Deceitful Wife

Ruth 1 The Young Widow  Ruth 2 The Kind Land owner  Ruth 3 Naomi’s Plot   Ruth 4 The Bride

Sarah The long awaited son  Sarah The Unexpected move

Probation Worship Leaders

Report Form (PDF)

Report Form (.doc)



Wider Resources 

Here is a link to the Methodist Churches’ Reader Services (to be read when appropriate, for example, when a Local preacher is absent).

Singing the Faith Plus Resources


Seasonal Resources:

26th October- Bible Sunday Resources by the Bible Society




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