Rev Gyula Fiak

Minister (Presbyter) – Rev Gyula Fiak

Minister for Bailgate, Burton Road & St Giles

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This is your new minister Gyula [pronounce it like the month July but ending it with an “a” rather than that “y”] Fiak.

I am a Hungarian chap living in the UK for the last 10 years.

I do not have any family –

I enjoy riding my bike and working out at my local gym when I can.

When I have the chance I like big walks out in nature and visiting/climbing areas like Snowdon or Scafell Pike. I love the SEA – I would travel hours in order to see it and smell its saltiness in the air – it has a therapeutic nature. I do not drive so it has its disadvantage but it is on my bucket list to learn it.

May I close this small introduction with the following quote:

“Best of all is God is with us, God will hold and never fail.”

May God bless you all! Gyula J