Central Methodist Church

Minister in charge: Rev Alan Swann

Minister: Rev Margaret Doughty

A church situated right on the High Street of Lincoln. Central’s mission is to be visible signs of the Kingdom of God by being available for ALL people. For this they utilise their people, their premises and their position. They express their faith using their strengths of friendship and hospitality, of Christian nurture and pastoral care and of the Arts and Music.

 Sunday Services:

10.30am Sunday Service

Regular Church Activities:

Day Activity Time
Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am
Sunday Evening Worship* 4.30pm
Monday Luncheon Club 12 noon (2nd Monday)
Tuesday Worship at Monson House 2pm (3rd Tuesday)
Wednesday Coffee Fellowship 10am (1st Wednesday)
Wednesday Circle Dancing 2pm (1st Wednesday)
Wednesday Craft Fellowship 1.30pm (2nd Wednesday)
Wednesday Bible Fellowship 1.30pm (4th Wednesday)
Thursday Coffee Morning and Foodbank 10.30-1pm

*Occasional Evening services, please check plan for dates and times.

Further Details:

To find out more about Central Methodist Church, or to enquire about hiring the church building, please head over to our contact us page.


Central Methodist Church
123 High Street

Tel: 01522 697177

Foodbank enquiries 01522 542166 and Community grocery 01522 265511



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